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Tank Blind

Photo Of Wade sitting on the lid

Wade is standing on the platform


Building Plans


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Photo of a hunter down in the blind

The blind that is pictured here was built in 1971. It is situated in open water that is approximately 15 feet deep. These photos were taken in 1976 just before duck season. 

This blind is still being hunted today, and as of March 2005, it has never been out of the water.  34 years it has floated through storms, high winds, etc.


A hunter standing on the edge

Photo taken of decoys while in the blind




Shows a hunter standing on the blind which is surrounded by decoys


These type of tank blinds allow 360 degrees of shooting, are comfortable, extremely safe, and require very little to no upkeep. 

They are low profile so ducks come in close. They can be moved and relocated quickly by boat or as we did with this blind, mount a 9.8 outboard directly to it and motor it into place. 

End view shows the boat run on the back


To view a larger photo just click on the above pictures. As you can see, these types of floating blinds are very stable as demonstrated by the hunter standing on the edge to relieve himself.  The blind is designed for 3-men and a dog.

The Photos Above are of our first blind that we built on Lake Bistineau
The Photos Below are of our fifth blind that is on Toledo Bend



End View
Shows Boat


Shows the tank with the lid up


Another view of the tank with the lid up


Closer view of the boat entry end


View from the front  in rough water


Even though the tank itself is what floats the blind thus giving the hunter some concealment below the water level, they are perfectly legal and are not considered to be a "sink-box". A sink-box conceals all of the hunter and most of the blind below the water level.


Barrel Blind Photos



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