Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Would Never Say I Told You So!

I would never be one to say “I told you so” …

Oh hell, who am I kidding, everyone likes to say “I told you so” when proven to be correct.

All along, we have been strong proponents in raising not lowering the level of the lake in order to rid Lake Bistineau of salvinia . (See Blog Entries of Sept. 7th and Sept. 21st)

This theory of raising the lake always seemed to fall on deaf ears until Mother Nature decided to become a major player in the “Salvinia Game”. She dumped over 7 inches of rain into Southern Arkansas. The resulting run-off from these rains brought Lake Bistineau’s water level up 5-1/2 feet above normal. Water from the lake is now rushing over the lake’s spillway carrying the surface-floating salvinia with it.

In a matter of just days, Mother nature has removed more salvinia than the LWFD has done in 2 years. (see the video titled “Salvinia at the Spillway” by following this link … “)

Imagine how much of this plant could be removed if the LWFD worked through a program that utilized a series of raising and lowering the lake level.

We are not advocating raising the Lake level 5-1/2 feet each time but just 2-1/2 feet above normal. This continuous series of raising and lowering the lake level could be done 3 to 4 times a year ,“flushing” literally “tons” of salvinia over the spillway each time. This plan would not eradicate the plant, but in two years it would bring it down to a manageable level. If you have doubts, then just follow the link listed above.

Right now the LWFD needs to close the gates that are open and force all of the drain off from the flood waters over the spillway. The raised gates are simply draining water from the lake and leaving the salvinia behind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make an interesting point regarding the lakes inability to shed salvinia with the current drawdown method. I also think you are correct in your assesment that the drawdowns are only for show. I think though that the current flood will demonstrate that flushing salvinia out by going over the top wont do much good either. I have no empericle evidence but I would guess that no more than 1 to 2 percent of the lake's salvinia has gone over the spillway in the last few days. In those few days the trees and other obstructions below the dam have clogged Loggy Bayou and the salvinia has backed up the spillway. This is shown in one of your videos. My fear is this will greatly reduce the rate that water can get out of Bistineau. Now if the Corps of Engineers had forseen this and cleaned these bottle necks that started the back up, it would not be building up so fast, or at all. I went to the bridge over Loggy Bayou this afternoon (10/17/2008) and I did not see the first clump of salvinia floating down.

Unless the state starts using some common sense in the fight against salvinia, you are right, the lake will be lost.

October 18, 2009 10:04 PM  

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